Turn Your Accounts Receivable Into Cash On Hand

If your company has clients that pay up to 90 days out or more, accounts receivable financing could provide your business with the money it needs to run today. At Loans For Business 2000, we finance all types of businesses, including companies in bankruptcy, startups, or companies in the red. We will purchase your accounts receivables invoices at a discount and give you the money in as little as 24 hours. Don’t worry if your credit is a little rough. We base our financing decisions upon the credit rating of your customer, not your own.

The Benefits of Financing Receivables

When you finance with Loans For Business 2000, you not only get free credit insurance on your customers and clients, you also receive the following advantages:

  • No fixed payments
  • No arbitrary loan decisions
  • No recourse
  • No personal guarantees
  • Financing for any type of business

Use the Money At Your Discretion

There are no limits placed on how you can spend the money from accounts receivable financing. Do you have expansion or remodeling costs? Do you need help making payroll or paying operating expenses? Financing from Loans For Business 2000 helps you bridge gaps and meet unexpected production demands.

Contact us today. Our financial experts are ready and waiting to help you make the right financial decisions for your company.