Loans for Business 2000, LLC was established by two long term business owners who have been involved in many business startups through to successfully established businesses.

These include base and precious metal companies and a company that advanced monies to personal injury clients. Commercial litigation loans were also funded during this venture.

The issue that confronts all small businesses is adequate capital, so we injected personal loans, then bootstrapped the startups without taking salaries for a period of time. During bullish business cycles which were rarer, we invested in equipment and increased our capital position. We always tried to increase capital for the inventory and lending businesses.

In all of our businesses cash flow was the major way we financed improvements, equipment purchases, expansion and increased our capital. Being startups, bank loans were hard to access since they required many types of collateral and they didn’t particularly like startups

Today there are more ways to access capital than you can by raising capital through bank loans, borrowing against your home, using savings, adding a financial partner or by issuing equity in your business.

Due to our in the trenches business experiences, we feel we are involved with lending in a different manner than other lenders you will investigate. Consequently, our purpose is to educate you with the right lending solutions for your business.