Starting a medical practice takes hard work, persistence and a strong belief in your abilities as a healer. There are strategies that can greatly strengthen your practice’s odds of survival. Here are a few that can help keep yours going.

Name Wisely

You are more likely to attract walk-in patients when your practice has a smart, attractive name. Start by making certain the name you choose for your office directly reflects your area of expertise. Follow this by brainstorming descriptors that make you stand out. Incorporate your surname in a clever way or consider typography that lends itself to fun graphical flourishes.

Commit Yourself

Starting a medical practice is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. It could take years before you have a steady patient base, staff you trust and every procedural kink worked out. During this period, your paycheck might be low. Hold strong. Remember that you are building a venture designed to pay dividends far into the future.

Become Inspired

As you travel the road to success, it can be easy to forget why you started down this path. Make a list of the reasons you decided to devote yourself to medicine and refer to it now and then. If you idolized a specific doctor, hang your hero’s portrait on the wall. It is important that you have ways of reminding yourself why you set out on this challenge.

Hire Carefully

Those you work with can directly impact your happiness. You have little control over what patients walk through your door but complete power when it comes to hiring decisions. During candidate interviews, make certain you cover topics of greatest importance. Learn to read between the lines when examining resumes and perform background checks on top applicants. Hiring the right individual is always preferable to firing someone who doesn’t work out.

Stay Confident

Know that you are in the healing business for good reason. This is your talent, life’s mission and ultimate passion. You are going to make mistakes; even doctors are human. Never let those stumbles get you down. Look in the mirror and contemplate the struggle you endured to make it through medical school. If you can do that, you have what it takes to turn your practice into a success.

Running one’s own medical practice is a dream for doctors of all specialties. Use the preceding guidelines to make the struggle of establishing yours as smooth as possible.